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In January 2021 we launched Venice Distribution to give independent artists access to opportunities. Opportunities to learn more, earn more and meet like-minded people within a supportive forward-thinking community. We took the long road and built our distribution software from the ground up and we also took the same approach to build our community. Through meetups, dinners, and Discord we curated a group of creative geniuses that, combined, serve as our founding members.

We’ve been fortunate to work with over 100 artists, producers, managers, and independent labels. Our partners range from Amine, Riot Games, KOTA the Friend, Thuy, and Sonder. Whether just starting out or a global superstar - our goal has been for our partners to thrive creatively and financially while also remaining in control. Collectively our partners have crossed over a billion streams within a relatively short period of time, but we knew they needed more. Not from just us but also from each other.

That’s why we’re announcing The Venice Music Collective, a token gated (NFT) membership that will serve as an access pass to the Venice ecosystem - distribution, recording studios, creative workspaces, sync, analytics, financial services, equipment rental, community events, and so much more.



Genesis Pass


You may renew your membership 1 year after minting for an additional cost.

Artwork & music by the iconic multi-hyphenate KESH. She is a decorated British multi-disciplinary artist whose recent work was featured in the highly anticipated Christie's Auction: Proof of Sovereignty a curated NFT sale by Lady PheOnix where she sold her Genesis NFT for $16,000. KESH's work has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Elle, i-D, Ars Electronica, and the New York Times. Learn more about KESH on her website and follow KESH on Instagram.

_All Members Receive


As a member you will have access to global distribution, consolidated streaming analytics across some of the largest DSPs, payment split management, and consistent payments from across all major and regional streaming services. Our experienced distribution team is made up of music-loving engineers and experienced marketers that come from Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Disney, Caroline, and other top companies.


Our community is a combination of artists, songwriters, producers, directors, managers, collectors, and other types of creators. The Venice Music Collective will come together to collaborate, learn from one another, and push creativity forward.

Community benefits include a members-only Discord, content from inspiring industry professionals, live events, writing camps, product discounts, and more.


Venice House is a state-of-the-art physical space designed with creatives in mind. Hidden in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles, Venice House brings the creative spirit of Laurel Canyon into the modern-day era. The house encompasses recording studios, writer rooms, podcast studio, editing bays, and calming outdoor workspace. While the pea-shaped swimming pool overlooks the San Fernando Valley. Venice House LA will open in Fall ‘22.


Our Gear Share program allows local members to borrow and rent state-of-the-art production equipment for music videos, photography, BTS, and podcasts. We understand the importance of content and wanted to make it easier for community members to produce. Our current inventory includes Red Dragon Epic Package, DJI Ronin 4D, DJI Maverick Drones, portable audio kits, portable video kits, vintage Bolex 16mm camera, lighting kits, and other fun gear.


10% of all primary and secondary sales of the Venice Music Collective NFT will flow back into the community treasury where members will be able to vote on how to allocate funds across artist projects and community initiatives.


Our experienced Sync team has procured music placements for all forms of media (Gaming, Advertising, Film, TV, & Social Media). Some recent sync wins include uses for New Balance, Mr Price, BET, MTV, VH1, Fortnite, NBA2k, ESPN, Apple TV, PBS, Maybelline, Freeform, & more.

Select community members will have their music pitched for TV, movies, video games, and commercials! All members will be able to submit for sync opportunities. Venice receives a 10% placement fee, a considerable discount compared to the 25-50% industry standard.


The Venice Premium Service team has redefined what it means to be an independent artist. Bespoke strategy plans are individualized around an artist’s release and go well beyond just getting on a few playlists. Our highly skilled team has spent their careers working with artists such as Lady Gaga, MF Doom, Halsey, and John Legend. Select members will have access to Venice’s suite of premium services including playlisting, marketing, artist development, funding, digital strategy, and release planning across web2 and web3.

_Venice Music Collective Mind Map

We are guided by our mission to empower a community of independent artists to thrive in their careers and live off their art. Our collective will continue to evolve as we evaluate and launch additional benefits over time.

Global Music Distribution for Independent Artists (Done)

Premium Artist Services and Sync (Done)

Onboard 100 Partners (Done)

Launch Community Discord and IRL Community Events (Done)

Recording Studios & Co-Working Network (In Progress)

Community Governance (In Progress)

Giveaways & Partnerships (In Progress)

Professional Development Programming (In Progress)


Troy Carter is the founder and CEO of Q&A. Formerly, Troy was the founder and CEO of Atom Factory, where he rose to prominence, nurturing the careers of global superstars, including Lady Gaga and John Legend. He most recently served at Spotify as its Global Head of Creator Services, overseeing the company’s growth strategy for artists and record labels.

Suzy Ryoo is the Co-Founder & President of Q&A. Suzy's also passionate about investing in mission-driven founders and supports companies including Therabody, MobileCoin, Catalyte, Ready, Seed, Yumi & Blueland. Born in Seoul and raised in Southern California since 1992, Suzy was blessed by her entrepreneurial family & their immigrant hustle.

_Founding Members

  • Sound.xyz


  • ChillRx


  • Heart Project

    Heart Project

  • Smiless




  • Audius


  • J’von


  • Fast Friends

    Fast Friends

  • Thuy


  • Omgkirby


  • Glass.xyz



Venice is a modern music company building software & services solutions with a strategic mindset toward the future of the music business. Led by Troy Carter and Suzy Ryoo, the team debuted Venice Music in 2021 as a platform and community to support independent artists, managers & labels.

The Venice Music Collective gives members access to the various features of the Venice ecosystem - distribution, sync, analytics, financial services, entry to physical workspaces, community events, and more. This was launched in 2022 initially as a token-gated membership.

1 year from mint date (e.g. if you mint on June 1st, 2022 the pass will be good until June 1st, 2023)

Genesis pass members will need to add a card-based payment method to their account before their pass expires to continue accessing the Venice tools and benefits.

The Genesis Pass applications and purchases have been closed.

Venice will have contacted you via email with details on the mint. Accepted applicants have until Monday, August 15 at 11:59 PM PST to mint.

Your account will be moved to read-only and all private channels will be removed from your view.